About Us

From our President, Thomas J. Guess

I founded Distinctive Painting & Decorating, Inc. in 1988 in order to build a team of extraordinary painters and special finishers with a goal to create a reputation for excellence. This has been our mission statement for over 30 years. “Our greatest ethical responsibility is to strive for excellence in everything we do.” Over the years our goal has been to always pursue excellence. It is our philosophy. It is the way we approach our work. The continual pursuit of excellence is the only thing capable of creating a quality superior result. Quality is all about the pursuit of excellence.

Geoffrey T. Guess – Vice President & Project Manager

We believe that a relentless pursuit of excellence. . .

  • Is a choice
  • Calls for every ounce of our potential
  • Demands doing our best
  • Prides itself on going the extra mile
  • Means exceeding customer expectations
  • Demonstrates a commitment to highest standards
  • Inspires exceptional performance
  • Gives extraordinary attention to detail
  • Takes time to get it right
  • Ensures that everything counts
  • Separates good and great